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    Welcome to the course!

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    Why and How to Build Positive Relationships

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    • Why and how to build positive relationships
    • Worksheet: Strategies to Build Positive Relationships Every Day
  • 03

    Listening Well and Building Trust

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    • Listening well helps you build stronger relationships
    • Building Trust
    • Worksheet- Building More Trust Using the 13 High Trust Behaviors
  • 04

    Using Feedback to Strengthen Your Relationships

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    • Using the AIID Feedback Model to Build Positive Relationships
    • Handout: The AIID Feedback Model
    • Tips for Having the Feedback Conversation
    • Worksheet: Preparing For Feedback Conversations
    • The Value of Positive Feedback
    • Worksheet: Being Intentional About Delivering Positive Feedback
  • 05

    Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Build Positive Relationships

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    • What is Emotional Intelligence And How Does It Strengthen Your Relationships
    • Growing Your Self Awareness
    • Behaviours of People with Strong Emotional Intelligence
    • Behaviours of People with weak emotional intelligence
    • Worksheet: Identifying Your Emotional Intelligence Strengths and Weaknesses
    • Worksheet: Growing Your Emotional Intelligence
    • Emotional Intelligence Strategy: Taking Personal Responsibility
    • Worksheet: Using Personal Responsibility To Strengthen Your Relationships
  • 06

    Dealing with Difficult People or Situations

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    • Dealing With Difficult People
    • Strategies For Staying Calm When Dealing With Difficult People Or In Times Of Stress
    • Why We Avoid Difficult Conversations
    • Tips for Having Difficult Conversations
    • Rob's Strategies for Having Difficult Conversations
    • Harpinder's Strategies for Having Difficult Conversations
    • Worksheet: Having Difficult Conversations
  • 07

    Assertive Communication

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    • Assertive Communication Model
    • Worksheet: Using the Assertive Communication Model
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    Next steps

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    • Your Commitment to Building Positive Relationships
    • Excellent Resources For You
    • Before you go...please give us some feedback