Course curriculum

  • 01

    Course Introduction

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    • Meet Dave
    • Meet Stephanie
    • Course Introduction - What is Employee Engagement
  • 02

    Who's Sinking Your Boat?

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    • Who's Sinking Your Boat video
    • How to deal with the paddlers, the slackers and the drillers
  • 03

    Your Influence Over Employee Engagement

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    • Your Influence Over Engagement
    • Your Best Engagement Tool: Positive Feedback
    • Celebrate Small Wins
    • Use this worksheet to determine how to engage each of your staff members
  • 04

    Benefits of Employee Engagement

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    • Benefits of Employee Engagement
  • 05

    What Decreases & Increases Your Engagement

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    • What Decreases & Increases Your Engagement
  • 06

    Managing Your Own Engagement

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    • Marshall Goldsmith's 6 questions
    • Marshall Goldsmith's 6 Engagement Questions To Post At Your Desk
    • Additional Ideas For Your Own Engagement
    • Use this two-page worksheet to identify how to increase your own engagement
  • 07

    Using Gallup's Engagement Questions

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    • Gallup Engagement Questions
    • Handout: Specific employee engagement strategies for you to use
    • Worksheet: Making sure your employees can answer yes to Gallup's 12 questions
  • 08

    Course Summary

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    • Employee Engagement Course Summary
    • Worksheet: Taking Action
    • Before you go...please give us some feedback